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Financial Services

Do You Have a Claim When Your Crypto Platform Collapses in Australia?

Posted By Simone Rees,
04/08/2023 11:00 AM
2022 saw the collapse of many cryptocurrency platforms, leaving many customers at risk of losing everything. The spectacular collapse of FTX left at least 30,000 Australians at the mercy of the...

Continuous Disclosure Obligations - is knowledge, recklessness or negligence required?

Posted By Simone Rees,
09/05/2023 09:00 AM
The following article was published by Lexology on 8 May 2023:   The Federal Court recently handed down the largest-ever penalty against a company for breaching continuous disclosure...

Seeking Judicial Advice: Why Should A Trustee Do It?

Posted By Simone Rees; Emma Marino,
27/11/2021 17:00 PM
The following article was published by Lexology on 26 November 2021: A trustee may seek an opinion, advice or direction from the Court if it is in doubt in relation to a particular course...

Continuous disclosure: Opening the door to uncertainties

Posted By Luke Buchanan; Isolde Daniell,
10/11/2021 07:00 AM
The following article was published by Lexology on 9 November 2021: On 14 August 2021,[1] the Federal Parliament significantly amended the legislative provisions which require a disclosing entity[2]...


Posted By Luke Buchanan, Isolde Daniell,
23/09/2021 10:28 AM
Thanks very much to the team at KPMG Law for welcoming Luke Buchanan and Isolde Daniell to present a lunchtime CPD on "Class Actions and Breaches of Continuous Disclosure Obligations"...

Changes to the Legislation Concerning Unfair Contract Terms: What Insurers Need to Know

Posted By Luke Buchanan,
12/03/2021 08:00 AM
The following article was published by Lexology on 11 March 2021: Amendments to the provisions concerning unfair contract terms contained in two pieces of Commonwealth legislation will take...

When is the Express Right to Terminate a Contract Constrained by Implied Duties of Reasonableness and Good Faith?

Posted By Luke Buchanan,
25/02/2021 08:00 AM
The following article was published by Lexology on 24 February 2021: Contracting parties are free to include in their agreement an express provision requiring them to act reasonably and in good faith....

Presentation to KPMG Law

Posted By Luke Buchanan,
22/08/2020 10:10 AM
Luke Buchanan enjoyed presenting a CLE/CPD session to KPMG Law recently, on termination of contracts and damages for breach of contract.  Thanks very much to the KPMG Law team for welcoming Luke...

So You’ve Received a Section 19 Notice from ASIC ... What Happens Next?

Posted By Luke Buchanan,
11/08/2020 12:00 PM
The following article was published by Lexology on 11 August 2020:   It is only 2 years since it seemed the whole of the Australian business community was consumed by the Royal Commission into Mi...